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JLS ‘She makes me wanna’ music video in depth analysis essay plan

November 21, 2011

Essay Plan


  • What kind of gender representations are evident?
    Men are the dominant sex. Men are active, Women are passive [Helene Cixous – Binary oppositions]The part where the young girls are throwing water on themselves could be a reflection of the way young girls behave in our generation – seduction to entice men.

    What are the symbols of power, and what are their effects?

    The platform JLS perform on buts them above the crowd of women they are performing too – This could be a reflection of societies views on dominant genders, i.e. men are stronger than women, or with regards to the work place; men typically have a higher pay.
    They are portrayed as God like figures.

    What other representations are there?

    How does the representations of masculinity intersect with class, sexuality, ‘race’ and ethnicity?

    Does the text challenge hegemonic masculinity?
    In a sense yes; with regards to the choreographed dancing, this perhaps symbolises elements of feminism, as it is not typically something a man would normally be seen doing.

McDonald’s ‘Modes’

  • Differences from Mcdonald’s ‘Yearning’ mode. In the yearning mode males appear to use their bodies to demonstrate a feeling of nostalgia. In comparison JLS use their bodies to demonstrate sexuality. The moves performed by the half-naked boys in the shots while alone are shown to be much sexualised. This could be due to a difference in lyrics. Take That demonstrate yearning with their bodies to match the lyrics of the song being about a lost love, JLS’ song is more about sexual activity.
  • JLS demonstrate a perfect depiction of the ‘Dance Mode’ in which the group dance together using choreographed moves to create unison amongst the group. The setting of an unknown beach location, the weather and flocks of ‘friends’ signifies the feeling of fun which is essential in the ‘Dance Mode’. By the location JLS also seem to be escaping the pressures of real life which is also needed for this mode.
  • ‘Party Mode’ JLS appear to have fun and break out into spontaneous dance when alone and on top of the rocks. The group also appear to be nearby but separated from one another to show they can have fun alone, an important aspect of the ‘Party Mode’

Can we read alternatives to the dominant modes of representation in the text? In what ways might we challenge these representations ourselves – and is this even possible?

‘The male in the music video cannot be dissociated from a historical context which has increasingly produced eroticised spectacle of the male body.’ [Feeling and Fun. Romance, Dance and the Performing Male Body in the Take That videos’]

The representation of the male body in the video is one clearly used to attract the audience of women from the age of 15 upwards, by the use of moderate nudity.
However, this representation could be questioned with regards to dominant modes of representation as it is usually women who are used to entice the audience in this manner, not commonly men.




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