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Media text – Lady Gaga Look Tutorial

November 2, 2011

The tutorial:

Who do you think the defined audience is?

According to a study from the website, most of Lady Gaga’s fans are middle-income people, have attended college (80%) and are almost equal both male and female.

But this tutorial only aims some of her fans, probably females who want to have the same look the star has in the ‘Bad Romance’ video.  The Youtube video has 25 710 171 views (1.11.2011) and, unfortunately, has no stats. Another tutorial for Lady Gaga’s big eyes make-up, with 5 192 958 views, shows that the video is most popular within females aged 13-34, from USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and some countries from Western Europe(UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany and France), so probably the same rules apply to the first one.

How do you think the chosen media text relates specifically to that audience?

A viewer can realize the content the video has even before opening it. The title gives some key words, that can make somebody decide whether he/she wants to watch the video or not. It clearly states that it is a tutorial video, made with the purpose of teaching the viewer how to get the same look that Lady Gaga has in the Bad Romance video.

From the first seconds of the video, the final look the watcher is going to get is shown, so that the viewer can decide if this is something he/she might be interested in.

The video continues on showing how to gain the exact same look as Lady Gaga, giving some tips for a better result.

During the video, the maker also suggests that this look might be used for Halloween, a thing that can change the audience from Lady Gaga fans to any person who wants an idea for Halloween make-up.

Another thing that can give a clear idea of who are the people that might be interested in this video is represented by the category in which this video is included and by its tags. The category is Howto & Style and the tags are: Michelle, Phan , RiceBunnymichellephan, lady gaga, bad, romance, tutorial, makeup, big, eyes, anime. It’s expected that only the people who will search for one of this tag will find the video and watch it. The type of people who can search for these tags are: Lady Gaga fans, Michelle Phan (make-up artist) fans and the people interested in anime.

How do you think the chosen media text is produced to relate to the audience in a new/unique way?

Tutorial videos have entered in the world along with the internet. They can be considered a ‘new media’, as before videos like that didn’t exist or weren’t available to such a large audience.

Moreover, this tutorial is related to Lady Gaga’s video, which was released on 26 October 2009. The video was released on Youtube only three months after, on 18 January 2010. Even though there are other tutorial videos with the same theme, this video is the first made available to the viewers, bringing with it something new for Lady Gaga’s fans or for the people who just want to experiment a new make-up style.

How do you think the media text can be understood using the Hypodermic Needle?

I believe the Hypodermic Needle doesn’t apply to this piece of media, as this video is not a bullet shot in the viewer’s head. I don’t imagine somebody watching this and after deciding to have this look every day.

This video is made for people particularly interested in its content and does not influence the viewer’s opinion in any way.


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