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Media text – Furby Advertisement anaylsis

November 1, 2011

Furby advertisement –

Who do you think the defined audience is?

The defined audience of the advert is children both male and female aged 6-10 approximately and for their parents, who are the ones buying the product in the end.

How do you think the chosen media text relates specifically to that audience?

The logo given to the product is written in yellow which is a neutral colour, in this way the text is not aiming the product at a specific gender.  The font used is also very casual and child-like.

The tone of voice used at the beginning of the advert ‘Hey Furby’ sounds upbeat and child-like. It sounds as if ‘Hey Furby’ is chanted by children which immediately show the text’s audience to be children.

There is a young girl who appears to be around the age of 10 shown in the text playing with the Furby which makes it clear which age group the product is intended for.

There is a semantic field of playing within the text as children dance and play throughout the text which suggests the audience is children.

The line: “Tell me a joke” is used within the text as jokes and playing around is typically associated with children.

There are both males and females shown to be playing with the product within the text making it clear the audience is both male and female children.

The voice-over at the end of the advert says: “ask a parent first” which clearly shows the text is not aimed at parents but the children who will tell their parents about the text.

How can the media text be understood in terms using the ‘Hypodermic Needle’ model?

The hypodermic needle can be associated with children especially. The model suggests the audience of any media text are passive and are immediately affected by the messages portrayed by the media through media texts. The idea of a passive audience could be especially relevant with children. Children are typically thought to be easily influenced and this could also be true through the media.

After a group discussion we all agreed when we were children there was always one specific toy which was most lusted after at Christmas time. It was the one toy every child wanted. However, as children we would never have the means to go and find the toys we wanted at Christmas ourselves and so a huge impact in deciding which toys we wanted for Christmas was through television advertisements. This is when we discussed the year of the ‘Furby’. Almost every child wanted a Furby in the year of 1998, with sales continuing until 2000.

After analysing the advert it is clear certain aspects of the Hypodermic Needle model are present. The advertisement is clearly aimed at children who are a particularly passive audience. By showing a variety of children with the toy the text manages to instil the message on the audience that every child has one of these toys and so the child watching the advert doesn’t want to be missing out. It is likely the advert has the immediate effect on an impatient child who is likely to rush to their parents demanding the toy. The clever phrase used in the text: “ask a parent first” is the key factor in causing the immediate effect.


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