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Picture Narrative Overview

October 30, 2011


– Inspired by a 16th century painting of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden apple from the Tree of Knowledge.

– An adolescent Adam (Hero) is enjoying a peaceful  life in a small, mountainous village with his Mother (Father), a herbalist. He has dedicated his life to preserving the surrounding forestry and protecting the environment but has become distant after his father – also a lover of nature – died from poisonous fumes left by a reckless organisation who wanted to destroy the landscape to capture animals to sell off for profit.


– On one fateful day Adam is a witness to poachers (Villain) abusing an endangered American black bear cub.

– After saving the bear from near death, Adam nutures it back to health and develops a close bond – naming it George (Helper) after his late father – something he was not able to do previously due to his emotional conflicts.


– Soon after, Adam notices George is seriously sick after eating wild fruit which had been polluted by the same poachers.

Attempt to repair the damage:

– Adam is told by his herbalist Mother (Donor/Dispatcher) that the antidote needed to cure George is virtually unknown and only extractable first-hand from a plant on the other side of the county. As a non-beleiver of industrialised transport, Adam travels on foot cradling a sick George in his arms. He is aware that they must stay undetected as the poachers are on the lookout for the endangered bear. An intense struggle ensues as Adam becomes increasingly tired and concerned about his friend’s well-being; there is a face-off between the two friends and the poachers, however George is able to use the last of his remaining strength to wound them and scare them away.


– Adam is eventually able to reach the plant and use its resources to aid George. Adam – reluctant to let go but thankful for enabling him to open up his emotions and trust again – releases George into a now cleansed,  open  landscape where he can  roam freely and live without any limitations.

– This is represented in the depiction of an angel in an advertisement for Lynx Excite.

Additional Information:

– Attempted to apply Propps 8 character types

– Contains Todorov’s five stages of narrative

– Contains Strauss’ binary opposites; themes of good vs. evil, nature vs. industrialised corporations etc.


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