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Titanic – The Comedy Spoof

October 23, 2011

Titanic is an iconic blockbuster, famous for its heartbreaking portrayal of the real life sinking and presenting the audience with the envied romance between Jack and Rose. This romance/disaster film is one of the most famous of its genre. The objective for this weeks project was to come up with a well known piece of media from a specific genre and turn it into an opposite genre. As a group Titanic was an option which we believed was so popular with audiences of all ages that it would be interesting to transform into something entirely different. Titanic is a heartfelt romance, filled with the tragedy of the real life event it was based on, and as a group came up with the idea of changing Titanic from a romance to a slapstick comedy spoof. Films like this have been done before and have become very popular such as ‘scary movie’ a montage of spoofs from different horror films or films like ‘disaster movie’.  We found the best way to turn this genre around was by taking the iconic scenes from titanic and changing them for comedic effect. These were the scenes we chose:

Scene 1
Rose as an old woman is narrating the beginning of the story, explaining that she was the woman in the picture found in the sunk wreckage of the Titanic. However her narration is very unclear and we don’t actually hear what she is saying, all we here is coughing and mumbling and the camera then shows the ‘naked drawing’ picture of her, and it zooms out of the picture to see she was very overweight and the picture wasn’t at all elegant as shown in the real movie. It then turns into a flashback of the time she was on the titanic.

Scene 2
You see Jack now running onto the ship, his running style is very comedic, almost a skip rather than a run, he is very goofy looking and has a very prominent curtain hairstyle. As he is running up the ramp to get onto the ship, his foot gets caught up in the rope which was keeping the boat attached to the deck, he begins to panic and screams like a girl as the ship is very slowly pulling away from the deck. The camera zooms in on his face screaming and shouting for help, and then zooms out back to the ship to show how very slowly the ship is moving and how he is overreacting, he flashes to these to shots, until the crewman simply slip the rope off his foot and guide him into the ship.

Scene 3
You see Rose (her character is very large, but every man who walks past her, their jaws drop, and throughout she is seen as a sex symbol) she is in her cabin, which is very lavish, it’s the upper class cabin and seems very royal, just like the original movie. She begins to explain where she wants to put up the paintings, saying the room needs a little colour, her fiance makes a comment about her putting up the paintings and she claims ‘you obviously don’t know fine art when you see it’ and as she says that she lifts up a picture of a stick man holding a balloon.

Scene 4
Rose is at dinner in the banquet hall, she has plates of food piled in front of her and she doesn’t look happy, she begins eating but something doesn’t feel right, she then looks over to the table next to her and there are 3 stick thin woman eating only plates of green salad, they look over at her in disgust and Rose then looks down at her plate obviously very upset.

Scene 5
Rose is running down the deck, crying, obviously very upset, Jack is at the far end of the deck, lying on his back and looking at the stars, she carries on running, and crying so much, she doesn’t see jack and trips over him, she then gambols to the end of the deck where she crashes into the barriers and they break, she’s then clinging onto the side of the ship shouting for help. Jack runs to her rescue and with reference to the film begins taking off his shoes and jacket incase he has to jump in the water to save her. Once he has taken off his shoes and jacket, he then takes off his shirt, and his trousers, until he is naked, he then bends out of view and when he comes back up he has a scuba diving costume on, snorkels and flippers. He then runs to the edge of the barrier and help Rose up. her family and fiance then appear obviously having heard her cries for help and they then find rose lying on the deck panting heavily, and jack on top of her wearing a scuba diving suit. the camera pans from each of the characters faces to see their expression of this. They explain what happened and they ask Rose why she was upset. She ignores the question and asks Jack is he will join them for dinner as a gesture of her gratitude, he insists its ok, and as Rose and her family begin to walk away Jack hands rose a note which reads ‘meet me at the clock ;)’ .

Scene 6
Jack takes Rose to a party in the lower class quarters of the ship below decks. As they are walking down the stairs all you can hear is dubstep music playing. Rose turns to Jack and explains she doesn’t know this type of music or how to dance to it, Jack takes her hand and says he will teach her, there is then a ‘Rocky’ type montage of Jack teaching Rose how to ‘skank’ and rose sweating, not getting it at first but then getting progressively better.
Scene 7
After the party Jack and Rose run to Roses room. She knows that he’s an artist and he loves to draw so she asks him to draw her, naked. She lies down on the sofa in the lounge of the cabin and Jack sits opposite. He pauses and takes from him pocket an iPad. He then takes a picture of her and begins to alter the picture on Photoshop. The shot changes from Rose to Jack, they both have serious facial expressions, both looking into each others eyes, and then the shot focuses on the iPad. Jack is on Photoshop adding special effects, he adds clip art, places a hat on her head, a cat next to her and then draws a pencil moustache and blacks out one of her teeth, he then starts laughing to himself.

Scene 8
They hear a knock on the door of Roses cabin, they both get up, and leave out the back door, they run, laughing and giggling, they then skip down the corridors of the cabins. They come across a ladder leading downstairs, it leads them to the storage sector of the ship. They find a morris minor mini (1960s) and crawl into the back seat. The camera then shows the car rocking back and forth and in the windows you can see arms and legs pressed against the window (the car is too small for rose and jack).

Scene 9
You then see Jack and Rose run up to the top deck, laughing, hugging and kissing. You then see the two watchmen at their post, shivering in the cold, one has a pair of binoculars, one says to the other ‘god if there was a bloody great big iceberg we’d never be able to see it’. The camera then shows the view the watchman has through the binoculars, and Roses’ head is blocking the whole view. Next minute, the whole ship is shaking and you can hear crashing and screaming, and large pieces of ice are falling onto the deck, they look up and a large iceberg slowly passes the side of the ship. There is now panic, people running around, screaming and shouting. Jack and Rose look at each other and hug.

Scene 10
Everyone is now aware that the ship is sinking, people are running around screaming and crying, kissing goodbye their loved ones as the woman and children get lowered into the lifeboat. A group of four men are standing on the deck, they look at each other and one says to the rest ‘it’s been a pleasure playing with you all’ and they then begin to playing ‘sugar we’re going down by Fallout Boy’.  The scene then cuts to Jack and Rose who are fighting through the crowd to get onto a lifeboat. As Rose gets into a lifeboat, Jack tells her he’ll get on the next one and the shipman shouts, ‘no more room, lower it down’ however Rose is the only one in the lifeboat. As the boat has been lowered the ropes start to break under the strain of Roses weight. The  boat then crashes into the water and people then swim towards it, scrambling for safety, trying to get in, the boat crumbles under the pressure of all of the weight and Rose is left floating in the water.

Scene 11
Rose is in the water and is watching the Ship slowly sinking, Jack is still on the shift and he clings on for the duration of the ships sinking. The whole ship is now in the water, the lifeboats have drifted further from the scene and there are now thousands of people left in the water. Rose and Jack find each other in the crowd and kiss. Rose is lying on her back floating and Jack is clinging on to her arm to stay afloat. The time is going on, and the crowd is getting quieter, Rose is looking up at the stars and singing in a whisper ‘crazy in love by Beyonce’ and very limply dancing some of the ‘skanking’ moves she was taught. Jack starts to talk to her in a very shaky voice, he tells her he loves her, and not to ever let him go, Rose still dancing slightly, moves her arm which makes Jack fall from her, he then begins to sink and Rose turns quickly panicking and shouts ‘i didn’t think you meant literally’. Jack is now gone and Rose is left to wait for help by herself.

Scene 12
Rose hears voices saying ‘is there anyone alive out there’ Rose can’t turn around she’s that cold and the lifeboat where the voices came from starts to slowly pass her. She then spots a man with a whistle across his neck and she swims over to him to get the whistle. She then starts ferociously blowing the whistle to grab the attention of the lifeboat, the shot then is of the lifeboat which hasn’t heard her, Rose then starts blowing a party blower to get attention and the boat still doesn’t recognise her, she then blows a foghorn and bangs symbols together. The lifeboat then turns around and sees her.

Scene 13
You see Rose lying on the boat covered in a blanket, and she has flashbacks of her time with Jack on the ship, she thinks of the time they went ‘skanking’, when he saved her in the scuba diving suit, when he took a picture of her and when they slept together in the mini. The scene continues to show these flashbacks and finishes with a close up of her face which fills the shot.

Scene 14
The scene fades in with a close up of Roses face in the present day as an old lady. She appears to be sleeping in her bed, and calming instrumental music is playing in the background. We see and hear this for several moments and the camera then zooms out slowly and as it zooms out you hear Rose let out gas and a peaceful smile spreads across her face. You then see the ocean at night-time, you can see the moon and the glint of the moon on the sea. The screen fades to black.


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