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JLS ‘She makes me wanna’ music video in depth analysis essay plan

Essay Plan


  • What kind of gender representations are evident?
    Men are the dominant sex. Men are active, Women are passive [Helene Cixous – Binary oppositions]The part where the young girls are throwing water on themselves could be a reflection of the way young girls behave in our generation – seduction to entice men.

    What are the symbols of power, and what are their effects?

    The platform JLS perform on buts them above the crowd of women they are performing too – This could be a reflection of societies views on dominant genders, i.e. men are stronger than women, or with regards to the work place; men typically have a higher pay.
    They are portrayed as God like figures.

    What other representations are there?

    How does the representations of masculinity intersect with class, sexuality, ‘race’ and ethnicity?

    Does the text challenge hegemonic masculinity?
    In a sense yes; with regards to the choreographed dancing, this perhaps symbolises elements of feminism, as it is not typically something a man would normally be seen doing.

McDonald’s ‘Modes’

  • Differences from Mcdonald’s ‘Yearning’ mode. In the yearning mode males appear to use their bodies to demonstrate a feeling of nostalgia. In comparison JLS use their bodies to demonstrate sexuality. The moves performed by the half-naked boys in the shots while alone are shown to be much sexualised. This could be due to a difference in lyrics. Take That demonstrate yearning with their bodies to match the lyrics of the song being about a lost love, JLS’ song is more about sexual activity.
  • JLS demonstrate a perfect depiction of the ‘Dance Mode’ in which the group dance together using choreographed moves to create unison amongst the group. The setting of an unknown beach location, the weather and flocks of ‘friends’ signifies the feeling of fun which is essential in the ‘Dance Mode’. By the location JLS also seem to be escaping the pressures of real life which is also needed for this mode.
  • ‘Party Mode’ JLS appear to have fun and break out into spontaneous dance when alone and on top of the rocks. The group also appear to be nearby but separated from one another to show they can have fun alone, an important aspect of the ‘Party Mode’

Can we read alternatives to the dominant modes of representation in the text? In what ways might we challenge these representations ourselves – and is this even possible?

‘The male in the music video cannot be dissociated from a historical context which has increasingly produced eroticised spectacle of the male body.’ [Feeling and Fun. Romance, Dance and the Performing Male Body in the Take That videos’]

The representation of the male body in the video is one clearly used to attract the audience of women from the age of 15 upwards, by the use of moderate nudity.
However, this representation could be questioned with regards to dominant modes of representation as it is usually women who are used to entice the audience in this manner, not commonly men.




ghostpoet – Gaaasp (unofficial video)

The 72 Hour Challenge is now finished and this is our video for ghoestpoet’s song, Gaaasp.

Information Source for Music Videos

Experiencing Music Videos: aesthetics and cultural context – By Carol Vernall (information on narrative)

Steve Jones, 1988, Popular music and society (information on narrative and space and time) 

Ways of Thinking About Music Videos (and post modernism), Petter Wollen (audience)

Media Text- What is the hypodermic needle?

The Hypodermic Needle also known as the Magic Bullet Theory, is a concept whereby the media “injects” ideas and its messages directly into the passive audience. The audience is then immediately affected by the messages sent across and as a result, individuals become susceptible to media communicatition.

 The theory also suggests that mass media can influence a large number of people by injecting them with information that will give off a desired response.

 Graphically, the fluid in the syringe would indicate the message that the media would want to inject directly into system/minds of the public. People are then seen as passive as there is a lot of media material “injected” in them. They then believe and think what they are being told as they have no other source of information.

Media text – Lady Gaga Look Tutorial

The tutorial:

Who do you think the defined audience is?

According to a study from the website, most of Lady Gaga’s fans are middle-income people, have attended college (80%) and are almost equal both male and female.

But this tutorial only aims some of her fans, probably females who want to have the same look the star has in the ‘Bad Romance’ video.  The Youtube video has 25 710 171 views (1.11.2011) and, unfortunately, has no stats. Another tutorial for Lady Gaga’s big eyes make-up, with 5 192 958 views, shows that the video is most popular within females aged 13-34, from USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and some countries from Western Europe(UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany and France), so probably the same rules apply to the first one.

How do you think the chosen media text relates specifically to that audience?

A viewer can realize the content the video has even before opening it. The title gives some key words, that can make somebody decide whether he/she wants to watch the video or not. It clearly states that it is a tutorial video, made with the purpose of teaching the viewer how to get the same look that Lady Gaga has in the Bad Romance video.

From the first seconds of the video, the final look the watcher is going to get is shown, so that the viewer can decide if this is something he/she might be interested in.

The video continues on showing how to gain the exact same look as Lady Gaga, giving some tips for a better result.

During the video, the maker also suggests that this look might be used for Halloween, a thing that can change the audience from Lady Gaga fans to any person who wants an idea for Halloween make-up.

Another thing that can give a clear idea of who are the people that might be interested in this video is represented by the category in which this video is included and by its tags. The category is Howto & Style and the tags are: Michelle, Phan , RiceBunnymichellephan, lady gaga, bad, romance, tutorial, makeup, big, eyes, anime. It’s expected that only the people who will search for one of this tag will find the video and watch it. The type of people who can search for these tags are: Lady Gaga fans, Michelle Phan (make-up artist) fans and the people interested in anime.

How do you think the chosen media text is produced to relate to the audience in a new/unique way?

Tutorial videos have entered in the world along with the internet. They can be considered a ‘new media’, as before videos like that didn’t exist or weren’t available to such a large audience.

Moreover, this tutorial is related to Lady Gaga’s video, which was released on 26 October 2009. The video was released on Youtube only three months after, on 18 January 2010. Even though there are other tutorial videos with the same theme, this video is the first made available to the viewers, bringing with it something new for Lady Gaga’s fans or for the people who just want to experiment a new make-up style.

How do you think the media text can be understood using the Hypodermic Needle?

I believe the Hypodermic Needle doesn’t apply to this piece of media, as this video is not a bullet shot in the viewer’s head. I don’t imagine somebody watching this and after deciding to have this look every day.

This video is made for people particularly interested in its content and does not influence the viewer’s opinion in any way.

Media text – Furby Advertisement anaylsis

Furby advertisement –

Who do you think the defined audience is?

The defined audience of the advert is children both male and female aged 6-10 approximately and for their parents, who are the ones buying the product in the end.

How do you think the chosen media text relates specifically to that audience?

The logo given to the product is written in yellow which is a neutral colour, in this way the text is not aiming the product at a specific gender.  The font used is also very casual and child-like.

The tone of voice used at the beginning of the advert ‘Hey Furby’ sounds upbeat and child-like. It sounds as if ‘Hey Furby’ is chanted by children which immediately show the text’s audience to be children.

There is a young girl who appears to be around the age of 10 shown in the text playing with the Furby which makes it clear which age group the product is intended for.

There is a semantic field of playing within the text as children dance and play throughout the text which suggests the audience is children.

The line: “Tell me a joke” is used within the text as jokes and playing around is typically associated with children.

There are both males and females shown to be playing with the product within the text making it clear the audience is both male and female children.

The voice-over at the end of the advert says: “ask a parent first” which clearly shows the text is not aimed at parents but the children who will tell their parents about the text.

How can the media text be understood in terms using the ‘Hypodermic Needle’ model?

The hypodermic needle can be associated with children especially. The model suggests the audience of any media text are passive and are immediately affected by the messages portrayed by the media through media texts. The idea of a passive audience could be especially relevant with children. Children are typically thought to be easily influenced and this could also be true through the media.

After a group discussion we all agreed when we were children there was always one specific toy which was most lusted after at Christmas time. It was the one toy every child wanted. However, as children we would never have the means to go and find the toys we wanted at Christmas ourselves and so a huge impact in deciding which toys we wanted for Christmas was through television advertisements. This is when we discussed the year of the ‘Furby’. Almost every child wanted a Furby in the year of 1998, with sales continuing until 2000.

After analysing the advert it is clear certain aspects of the Hypodermic Needle model are present. The advertisement is clearly aimed at children who are a particularly passive audience. By showing a variety of children with the toy the text manages to instil the message on the audience that every child has one of these toys and so the child watching the advert doesn’t want to be missing out. It is likely the advert has the immediate effect on an impatient child who is likely to rush to their parents demanding the toy. The clever phrase used in the text: “ask a parent first” is the key factor in causing the immediate effect.

Picture Narrative Overview


– Inspired by a 16th century painting of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden apple from the Tree of Knowledge.

– An adolescent Adam (Hero) is enjoying a peaceful  life in a small, mountainous village with his Mother (Father), a herbalist. He has dedicated his life to preserving the surrounding forestry and protecting the environment but has become distant after his father – also a lover of nature – died from poisonous fumes left by a reckless organisation who wanted to destroy the landscape to capture animals to sell off for profit.


– On one fateful day Adam is a witness to poachers (Villain) abusing an endangered American black bear cub.

– After saving the bear from near death, Adam nutures it back to health and develops a close bond – naming it George (Helper) after his late father – something he was not able to do previously due to his emotional conflicts.


– Soon after, Adam notices George is seriously sick after eating wild fruit which had been polluted by the same poachers.

Attempt to repair the damage:

– Adam is told by his herbalist Mother (Donor/Dispatcher) that the antidote needed to cure George is virtually unknown and only extractable first-hand from a plant on the other side of the county. As a non-beleiver of industrialised transport, Adam travels on foot cradling a sick George in his arms. He is aware that they must stay undetected as the poachers are on the lookout for the endangered bear. An intense struggle ensues as Adam becomes increasingly tired and concerned about his friend’s well-being; there is a face-off between the two friends and the poachers, however George is able to use the last of his remaining strength to wound them and scare them away.


– Adam is eventually able to reach the plant and use its resources to aid George. Adam – reluctant to let go but thankful for enabling him to open up his emotions and trust again – releases George into a now cleansed,  open  landscape where he can  roam freely and live without any limitations.

– This is represented in the depiction of an angel in an advertisement for Lynx Excite.

Additional Information:

– Attempted to apply Propps 8 character types

– Contains Todorov’s five stages of narrative

– Contains Strauss’ binary opposites; themes of good vs. evil, nature vs. industrialised corporations etc.